The Be Rebellious Challenge is an 8-WEEK weight loss and transformation challenge designed to help you learn how to tackle the mental weight that perpetuates the physical manifestation of itself. If done right, being mentally strong equates to a body that is physically strong. Being Rebellious is a phrase that should be used as a source of power that fuels your desire to change your life for the better. This challenge is just that! A resource that will help you change your mindset for the betterment of your life. There are a few inevitable results that come from this. They are as follows:

  • New perspective on life

  • Increased enjoyment

  • A better sense of purpose

  • More joy

  • More happiness

  • Impact

  • Overwhelming confidence

  • Mental/physical weight loss

  • Better relationships

  • Overall better quality of life

  • Nutrition awareness 

  • Clarity in thought

  • And much more

This challenge is like no other challenge on the market. True change starts within you. Let the Be Rebellious weight loss challenge serve as your fuel to either start or keep you going on your journey to optimal health.


Each participant will receive a challenge packet with what to expect every week. Each week will be broken down into categories which will help optimize your challenge experience. Participants will also receive:

  • Custom Exercise programs

  • Meal plan assistance

  • Health based webinars

  • Access to online resources geared to facilitate understanding of challenge content

  • Accountability

  • Challenge only info available as you go through your transformation.

  • A chance to win a portion of over $1000 in prize money. 



Prizes will be awarded to several individuals and are based on the completion of certain objective in the challenge. Every participant has a fair chance to win a portion of the prize pot. Winning will depend on several factors. Some of the factors include:


  • Weight loss

  • Completion of weekly assignments

  • Webinar attendance

  • Participation

  • Weight gain 


This is a NATIONWIDE CHALLENGE that starts July 24, 2017. Deadline to sign up is July 21,2017. Limited spots available.


Call 662-380-1136 for or email for more info.